Our Mission assured hospitality at its height

The road to Coorg Cliffs Resort meanders through stretches of paddy fields and anonymous hamlets, past banana, cardamom and wild black pepper, areca nut and coffee plantations. A mild chill permeates the fragrant air as the road begins to climb the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, embraced by dense, dry deciduous and evergreen forests. As the resort draws near, the views open out to coffee and spice plantations, fruit orchards and vegetable patches.

Situated at an edge of a hilltop, the lobby at Coorg Cliffs Resort is furnished with plush sofas and brass oil lamps. Guests are ceremoniously welcomed by gracious hostesses in traditional attire. A dining area, contiguous to the lobby, offers stunning views through large expanses of glass on two ends. On one end, across an infinity pool, the view extends into the plains in the distance and mountains on the horizon. At the other end, into a bamboo thicket, a landscaped garden and a play area for children.

The resort's banquet areas and fitness centre are situated in a block beside the lobby. Set a little distance away, in a clearing, campfires are organized for guests. Above the banquet areas an exquisitely furnished ‘honeymoon suite’ awaits guests, looking out a spectacular view – at the pool below, a valley that drops on a plain and the mountains.

A paved path besides a slope of the hill leads to the accommodations built in clusters arrayed along the crest’s edge and further down, in a block facing the plantation at the pathway’s end. Designed to resemble the traditional architecture of plantation bungalows in the area, all units contain verandas, some with beautiful views of the forest, the patchwork green plain below and hills soaring towards the sky. Others look out into the surrounding plantation.

Coorg Cliffs, Resorts and Spa

A family and it’s history

Mr. TV Paulose a renowned planter with a profound love for nature migrated from Kerala sometime in the era before India’s independence in search of fresh prospects. His travels took him through thick jungles, over pathways that wound through and over formidable mountains until he finally stumbled upon what is sometimes referred to as “Scotland of India” – Coorg. He then bought 300 acres of fertile land, a plantation that grew Robusta and Arabica coffees, rubber and spices, from Mr. Fox, a British planter.

Being a passionate agriculturalist, Paulose strived for sustainable agricultural practices and inculcated in subsequent generations of his family the philosophy of recycling resources wherever possible in order to leave a minimal carbon footprint.

Three generations down the line, regardless of changing times, his vision and passion have endured in the family and so has that connection with nature. Inspired, his grandsons created an ecosystem that today combines luxurious hospitality, pristine nature and an environmentally sustainable plantation. Set at an elevation of 3,398ft atop a hill, they named it Coorg Cliffs Resorts & Spa.

  • Coorg Cliffs, Resorts and Spa
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  • Coorg Cliffs, Resorts and Spa
  • Coorg Cliffs, Resorts and Spa
  • Coorg Cliffs, Resorts and Spa
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